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BioOrg Smart Clean is a natural, simple, fast and effective way to clean in 3D!

We bring the microbiodiversity of the forest back to your living spaces to clean the air, eliminate indoor pollution and dust, strengthen your immunity and clean everything without the use of chemicals and water.

This is scientific magic ... or magical science: an invisible forest.

The proof is amazing. Contact us and we will be happy to show you the result!

A simple service to protect you from indoor pollution

More efficient

With BioOrg Smart Clean you clean much better in less time: enjoy total ergonomics and eliminate unnecessary actions.

Self-sufficient: nature cleans for you all the time

The biofilter prevents dirt from sticking


Cleaning everything with BioOrg is faster on all surfaces and without water. The air is purified without a machine: real savings.

A service, with no initial investment

Up to 25% faster and less frequent cleaning

Healthier and more ecological

BioOrg is completely biological: our spray contains positive bacteria that eliminate fine dust and pollution throughout the room, without chemicals.

100% organic, a positive impact on health and the planet

50% less dust, fine particles, pollution

Simple and easy to use: discover


Used for over 15 years in Belgium

2.5 +

BioOrg already protects over 2.5 million m2 in Europe


Our program alone addresses 7 of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) through its positive health and ecological impact

For those who like statistics:


This is the average renewal rate of the BioOrg program over the last 10 years: we can't do without it!


Our natural solution is proven 100% safe and healthy for children, animals, plants and surfaces.


BioOrg naturally eliminates half of the dust and indoor pollution from our buildings... a true ally for health and comfort.

Cleaning is more than just cleaning stains


The organisms contained in Smart Clean remove particles from sweat, tobacco, urine and other molecules. They remain active even after the cleaning team has passed. The atmosphere is directly more pleasant.


The organisms in Smart Clean remove some of the dust and make objects and surfaces much smoother and drier. As a result, you reduce the chore of dusting and vacuuming.


The organisms contained in Smart Clean absorb chemical substances from the air, such as fine dust and other harmful components. Indoor air quality is improving by leaps and bounds!

Air quality affects concentration, comfort and absenteeism.
Air quality affects concentration, comfort and absenteeism.


There will always be stains and dirt, that's for sure. Smart Clean is a useful ally because it prevents dirt from sticking to surfaces and continues to clean long after the wipe!



We had a problem with the ventilation system in the office that spread the odors from the toilets throughout the building. Until the technical issue is resolved, we are using BioOrg Smart Clean to eliminate the odors. It's very effective, simple and keeps the office clean longer.

Family & Simba

We have a puppy, Smart Clean helps us easily fix his little messes and eliminate doggy odors. It's so simple that everyone uses it. Since it keeps our hands dry and clean, no one hesitates to use it anymore.


Beyond the virtuous side, it is especially the speed and simplicity of execution that I prefer. The result is great and even my teenagers use it without (too) much hesitation. I validate!

The "indoor forest" of Luxembourg

Indoor air is 5 times more polluted than outdoor air

Think about 3D protection

Indoor pollution is 5 times worse than outdoor pollution...

and we spend on average 90% of our time indoors...

Visible cleaning is necessary but it is better to act on all parameters...

Absorbs dust and fine particles

Absorbs bad odours

Purify the air naturally, to breathe inside as if you were outside: health effect - irreplaceable immunity


With bioOrg you can clean faster and less often. Save time, effort and costs!

Specific Cleaning

Ideal after renovations or after a fire, for example, to remove pollution, dust and odours at source

Cleaning and maintenance of ventilation systems

The biofilter will remove dust in the ventilation circuits and ensure a better quality of incoming air.

Property management

Intelligent cleaning for a cleaner, healthier space and a positive impact on the planet and people's well-being.

A complete range of products

All our products strengthen the biofilter and use the power of bacteria.

Ready to use, they allow an efficiency and an unbeatable ergonomics of use.

To save time and effort

The magic of nature, nothing more (but nothing less!)

Cleaning activity

Productivity gains with the BioOrg method

Sanitary installations


Offices, meeting rooms


High surfaces




Carpet cleaning


Interior window sections